About Eric

Way back in 1986, right after graduating high school, I began working for a drywall company based out of North Andover, Ma, a small company with only 4 employees focused mainly on new construction. The boss was a master drywall carpenter and painstakingly trained me to perform the entire process – hanging, finishing, sanding, and painting. This was during the building boom of the 80’s when houses and condos were going up with lightning speed across the land, an element that often gave us the added challenge of installing drywall over a less than perfect starting point. The boss was a perfectionist who expected the same from us and he taught me how to make a wall or ceiling look as “smooth as glass” even under less than optimum conditions.

A few years later I was employed by Crossroads Contracting, a Londonderry, NH-based company that specializes in renovating foreclosures. As many of the properties that we worked on were in major disrepair, my knowledge of drywall construction morphed into drywall repair as each job presented a unique set of problems ranging from the typical dents and dings to wallpaper removal to extensive water stains. I was also fortunate to work with a master finish painter at Crossroads who taught me a great deal about the ins and outs of interior painting.

Fast forward 20 years and I’m now applying these valuable skills to homes and businesses around middle TN. I take great pride in every project and always strive for perfection and expediency. I enjoy making old work look new and solving the problems that come with aging structures.

Let me know what you need addressed, I’ll make your walls and ceilings look ‘Just Ducky’