Miller Job – Photo Gallery

Eric does a fantastic job. I found him by searching the internet, called him, and from day 1 has been very professional. He is meticulously clean and with drywall, that is not easy. He was on time, worked hard, and the final project was outstanding. I could not have been more pleased with the work he accomplished and how he transformed the walls to look perfect.

~ Matt Miller

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The Miller’s beautiful home suffered from poor drywall and painting during its initial construction and was my most extensive drywall repair/interior painting project to date.

It had a wide range of drywall problems including cracked corner bead, cracked seams and corners, poorly sanded joint compound, and badly coated butt joints and seams.


The biggest challenge on this job was a 32 foot section of cracked and peeling tape on the 20 foot high ceiling of their great room.


 A high point of the job was a daily feeding of their goats and dogs while they were on vacation for a few days!


 After 2 to 3 coats of joint compound, sanding, primer, and two new coats of finish paint, all the repairs became essentially invisible.

 This beautiful home now has the drywall and paint job it truly deserves!